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The PROBUILDER Questions and Answers

When you think about remodeling your home there are many things to consider: the scope of the project; being able to achieve what you want; staying within a specific budget; integrating the area of remodel into the existing style; or whether to completely change the character of your entire home, or even building a new one.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about home remodeling and new construction.

Q - What happens when I decide to remodel with a design/build company?

A - PROBUILDER offers the complete design/build experience. From start to finish, PROBUILDER clients are involved in the design process. Your project will follow the steps outlined below:

1. Project programming & budget development:
Project designers meet with the client to identify preliminary concepts, site conditions and to create a prospective budget.

2. Site measurements of existing conditions:
Designer and drafting technicians record detailed field measurements of the house and site in preparation for conceptual drawings.

3. Presentation meeting with the client:
Concept drawing and budget ranges are presented to the client for further development of drawings and specifications.

4. Agreement:
After presentation drawings, details and specifications are agreed upon an agreement between PROBUILDER and the client is executed.

5. Construction drawings:
Having identified the current conditions and the desired improvements, our drafting technicians will prepare working drawings for the building department.

6. Building Permits:
Construction drawings are submitted to the appropriate city/county Building Officials for building permits.

7. Selection of material:
Our staff will work with the client to select materials for tile, cabinetry, countertop surfaces, flooring, plumbing fixtures and lighting.

8. Approval of building permits:
Having secured building permits, a pre-construction site meeting is held with our production team and the client to review the project before construction begins.

9. Communication with the client through construction:
During construction the PROBUILDER team holds weekly production meetings to discuss the status of each project in order to keep it on schedule and on budget. Our project superintendents will also keep in contact with each client every step of the way to insure a healthy relationship throughout the project.

Q - On what criteria should we choose a contractor?

A - Quality, reputation, and value are the main things to look for.While your budget is always a factor, beware of low ball offers. If you needed surgery to correct a serious health problem, would you select your doctor based solely upon the lowest bid? If you are like most people, the answer is a resounding 'NO'. However, many homeowners think nothing of spending tens of thousands of dollars and opening their homes to virtual strangers whom they have selected solely on price. Granted, a remodeling project is not a life-threatening operation, but it does have the potential for serious impact on the family's well-being and financial health.

There can be many reasons for a low bid including, lack of experience, low quality materials and workmanship, and incomplete proposals or bids. That's why it is important to select a contractor by quality, value, and reputation.

Q - What should I expect when I remodel or build my home?

A - Remodeling and new home projects seem to have some common high and low points for many homeowners. If you are a seasoned remodeling veteran, you may already know what to expect. If you have not lived through a remodeling project before, however, you are probably approaching your project with some degree of both anxiety and excitement. We don't want to create apprehension before your project starts, but rather simply point out some of the high and low points that naturally occur in the course of most remodeling projects. This way, you will have a realistic idea of what to expect.

Major things to be prepared for:

1. Your normal routine will be disrupted. The PROBUILDER team does our utmost to make the experience as pleasant as possible, but it's pretty hard to have workmen in or around your home and still function in your daily patterns.

2. Dust... No matter how well we seal off the work area, dust is going to get through . This is one of the more unpleasant but unavoidable aspects of remodeling.

3. Budget some extra money for rest and relaxation . Take a few day trips to get away. Go to dinner or visit a friend in the evening. And, at least once a day, think about how great everything will look when it's done.


The roof should prevent rain/condensation from entering the building.


Concrete continues to cure/dry forever. As this process continues, concrete will crack. Control joints are placed in the concrete in an attempt to "direct" the cracking in a visually pleasing way.


The water supply and the waste piping should not leak. Faucets will require maintenance to provide drip-free operation. It is reasonable to need to replace a faucet washer every once in a while. Porcelain surfaces on plumbing fixtures will chip when hard objects are dropped on them. Grout around tubs/showers will eventually shrink and crack and will need to be replaced periodically.


Light bulbs will burn out and need to be replaced as a matter of course.
The ground fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCI), located at selected code-mandated use-points throughout the building, might "fail" without notice. Such potential for failure is inherent in the design.


Objects hitting or bumping these surfaces will mar the paint and the sheetrock. Hairline cracks may appear as the wood framing moisture content stabilizes.


Stucco continues to cure and dry forever and is a solid/rigid surface on a moveable object (your home). Stucco will crack, especially at doors and windows.

Doors and Windows:

These should close and latch with a reasonable amount of effort expended by the user. Wooden units will change size as the seasons change. Wet weather makes wood expand, dry weather makes wood shrink. This might affect the units' operation.

In General:

All finishes and fittings require regular care, cleaning and maintenance to remain in good shape. Without such care, finishes and fittings may deteriorate and/or fail. Normal wear and tear will occur regardless of any precautions to prevent it from occurring. Every attempt will be made to match existing materials when necessary (ie. roofing, stucco, stains) but there will be variations.

Q - How do I go about budgeting and financing my project?
A - Once you find a contractor that you like, and are confident of his or her honesty and ability to deliver a quality product, work with that person to develop the scope of work that fits your budget.

Keep in mind, sometimes making a minor change in the course of your remodel, such as product selection, different flooring materials, or slight change in design, can make the difference in meeting or exceeding your budget.

There are various financing plans available to homeowners. Among the most popular is the equity line of credit that bases the loan amount on the equity in your home. Research various sources of funding to compare individual qualification guidelines, interest rates, terms and tax considerations.

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